1999  - Griots Garage adds  the Amazing Autobahn Mirror to their product     
             line & 3500 units sold in first year. 7 years later the Amazing            
             Autobahn Mirror is the top 5th selling item.

2000 - Skymall Magazine sells 450 Amazing Autobahn Mirrors.

2004 -  Amazing Autobahn Mirror is introduced to the California State Fair in
Sacramento, CA.

2005 - Amazing Autobahn Mirror blows away attendees at the West Coast

2005 - Ottis BMW/Mini  Cooper Dealership starts using the Amazing              
           Autobahn Mirror as a  standard accessory in all minis

2005 - Niello Porsche Dealership in California purchases a shipment of           
           Amazing Autobahn Mirrors for their inventory of Porsches.

2005 - Midnight Performance purchases several Amazing Autobahn
Mirrors for resale.

2005 - Presented to CARROL SHELBY and STEVE SALEEN at the SEMA    
          Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

2005 - Presented to NASCAR sponsor DUPONT Motorsports, who sponsors
           Jeff Gordon, and is currently testing the Mirror.

2005 - Sacramento Yellow Taxi Cab purchases 200 mirrors and places them
in all of their taxi's.

2005 -  Introduced to Nevada law enforcement agencies.

2005 - California Highway Patrol tested and used Amazing Autobahn Mirror.

2005 - Sacramento Sheriffs Department tested and used Mirror.

2006 - Attended the Sacramento Home and Garden show.

2006 - The Amazing Autobahn Mirror is now a Standard OEM product on the
           new Ariel Atom

2007 - Calif. State Fair. Auburn Gold County Fair. Lodi Grape Festival.
      Used by SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utilities District). Used by UC      
       Davis Campus. Several driving schools have purchased the mirrors.

2008 - Marysville EAA Airshow.

2009 - Endorsements from AAA insurance Co.  And Farmers Insurance Co.   
            (quote, " If every automobile in the United States used this mirror it    
             would lower accident claims and save live" )

2010 - Richard Solo adds mirror to their product line up!

         Autosport adds mirror to their product line up as well!

2011 -  Branding product with various auto shows with the Ariel Atom !
Jay Leno with the Autobahn Mirror
on his Ariel Atom
Even on Bicycles , The Amazing Autobahn
Mirror works fantastic with our special handle
bar attachment.
(Also works great on Motorcycles, ATVs,
Snowmobiles too)